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Charleston Nine, Furniture Store Fire - Training Program
LODD 360 Degree Incident Recreation Firefighter Training

8 Hour Full Day - Group Training Program:
This is an expanded program from the LODD 360 DVD. This program is designed to be presented to a group or class. The program will last between 6-8 hours depending on class presentation and activity duration. This porgram includes the LODD 360 DVD, CD-ROM with documents and presentation materials, and a CD-ROM Incident Command Simulator of a furniture store fire. begin your class by presenting the incident with our computer recreation. Then utilize the instructor's CD with PowerPoints and handouts to review critical factors between incident phases. Follow this with the instructor's guide for class group activity and discuss. Conclude the training by allowing your students to take command of a similar fire with our Incident Command Simulator CD!

Package Contents:
DVD - LODD 360 Incident Recreation
Instructor's CD-ROM
Incident Command Simulator CD - Furniture Store Fire

Contents Outline:

DVD Overview
This recreation is based on actual events. Nine firefighters lost their lives battling a fire in a furniture store in Charleston, SC. The incident was a large scale event that went to multiple alarms. The fire started small in some trash outside of the loading dock. Quickly the fire escalated until it engulfed the entire store and claimed the lives of nine firefighters. There were several contributing factors to this event. This program recreates the incident and allows your firefighters to understand how critical the contributing factors are.
Overview of department and staff involved: Training, Certifications, and Equipment
Complete Presentation of Incident Location: 360 Computer Graphic of Structure or Location
Review of building history and contributing factors
Examination of the roof construction and overhead void space
Review of contributing factors
Complete computer animation of the incident leading up to the fatal event.
Review of NIOSH final recommendations

Instructor's CD

This disc includes all material needed for the instruction of this program:
Program introduction PowerPoint Presentation
Phase One Class Discussion PowerPoint Presentation
Phase Two Class Discussion PowerPoint Presentation

Phase Three Class Discussion PowerPoint Presentation

Discussion PDF Handouts
Class Activity Outline
Instructors Guide

Digital Files for student name cards, and completion certificates
Pre Fire Plan Worksheet

This disc also includes 20 official documents and reports from this event:
ATF Fire report for the incident
City of Charleston Phase One Report
City of Charleston Phase Two Report
Radio Transcripts of Incident Traffic
Final PPE Report
Original Charleston FD Pre Fire Plan for the Structure
NIOSH draft and final reports

Official letters between Charleston Mayor, Fire Chief, Osha and more
Press Releases and Mayor's Speeches

Incident Command Simulator CD-ROM

Fully Involved Fire's Incident Command Simulator's are designed to push you and your staff to thelimits of command and control. This Structure Fire Command Simulator allows you take the role of the IC. You are responsible for tactics and strategies. You control all units on scene and issue all assignments. In addition the SIM has an integrated accountability board for tracking your units.

The Furniture Store Fire simulator features a large furniture store with an open floorplan and very heavy fire load. The incident starts small and escalates quickly. As the IC in this SIM you and your staff can safely replicate a stressful fire situation without risking any real world resources.

Take your training to new levels with our Simulators. Help your develop the skills needed to become confident fire officers, and fire ground commanders.

This Incident Command Simulator include the following features:
Assign all tactics for arriving companies
Tasks are completed by the crews and have a direct impact on the fire.
Poor decisions and tactics will result in loss of control
Integrated Command Board
Request additional alarms and resources
HUD Communications panel for communicating with fire companies
Rapid Intervention Team controls for poissble Mayday Events

Detailed After Action report with incident info and time reports

Training Information:
Discussion and review of After Action Recommendations is recommended to maximize training potential from this program. Group discussion following the review of this material will aid your firefighters in making critical decisions, and understanding the potential impact of every action taken on the fire ground.

Approx Training Time: 6-8 Hours

Fully Involved Staff Presentation:
Fully Involved Fire, LLC training staff members are available to come to your department to provide this training. Staff members are certified fire instructors and fire officers.
Contact Fully Involved Fire, LLC to discuss pricing and availability.

This program is based on the final NIOSH investigative report.
Training time includes group discussion of incident and recomendations.
This program is not officialy endorsed by any agency ororganization. FIF has no affiliation with NIOSH or any other government agency. Certificates included with the course material are an indication of completion only and do no carry any formal certification standard.


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