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Residential Structure Fire
Fire Incident Command Simulator - V2

Simulator Overview:
Fully Involved Fire's Incident Command Simulator's are designed to push you and your staff to thelimits of command and control. Our Structure Fire Command Simulators allow you take the role of the IC. You are responsible for tactics and strategies. You control all units on scene and issue all assignments. In addition, the SIM has an integrated accountability board for tracking your units.

Version Two New Features:
This Fire Simulator is part of our second series of Structure Fire Incident Command Simulators. Version two simulators include all of the same features as version one, and some enhancements. Improvements include a new horizontal layout, improved radio HUD, Emergency Evac Button, additional company tasks, animated company icons, SIM Objectives, and more.

Residential Structure Fire Simulator:
Upon arrival you observe heavy smoke venting on the Charlie side. A 360 reveals an attached rear expansion heavily involved with fire. Has it spread to the interior? Is the family at home? Can you control this incident? As the IC in this SIM you and your staff can safely replicate a stressful fire situation without risking any real world resources.

Take your training to new levels with our Simulators. Help your develop the skills needed to become confident fire officers, and fire ground commanders.

Disc Contents:
Simple Training Simulator with interactive Guide
Small Incident Practice Simulator
FIF Incident Command SIM Preview of another fire
Fully Involved Group Tabletop Quick SIM Preview
Virtual Pump Panel Preview
LODD Recreation DVD Previews

SIM Features:
Assign all tactics for arriving companies
Tasks are completed by the crews and have a direct impact on the fire.
Poor decisions and tactics will result in loss of incident control
Integrated Command Board
Request additional alarms and resources
HUD Communications panel for communicating with fire companies
Rapid Intervention Team controls for poissble Mayday Events

Detailed After Action report with incident info and time reports

This program is not officialy endorsed by any agency ororganization. FIF has no affiliation with any other government agency. Certificates included with the SIM material are an indication of completion only and do no carry any formal certification standard.


  • Manufactured by: Fully Involved Fire, LLC

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