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Series Two - Supply Line Operations

Simulator Overview:
Fully Involved Fire's Virtual Pump Panel SIMs offer the benefit of being able to execute pump evolutions in any weather. Beat the heat or cold. Save your crews and trucks. Train indoors safely. Allow operators to make mistakes without fearing damaging your apparatus. In addition, you can keep your apparatus in operation even with multiple lines "flowing" in a safe SIM environment.

Series Two - Disc Trainers:
Every SIM begins in the driver's seat. The pump operator must learn to engage the pump before the Pump Panel SIM can begin.

This series includes a short Virtual Pump Panel trainer segment. Basic pump components are reviewed and the user is given a chance to practice on the pump before beginning the scenarios.

Series Two - Scenarios:
This series provides three pre-designed scenarios. These scenarios are designed to simulate arrival at a fire. The driver trainee starts by charging a pre-connected attack line from tank water. The second company provides a supply line. The trainee then transfers to the supply line. The first scenario helps traines learn to use thei relief valve to maintain pressure. The following scenarios require charging multiple lines. The final scenario includes an auxillary intake and requires the trainee to maximize their water supply.

Series Two - Supply Operations Free Pump:
This CD includes a "Free Pump" mode. There are no preset objectives. The free pump mode is designed for you to create your own scenarios. Company Officers can use this to challenge drivers, and trainees with any line congiuration imaginable. This mode includes a LDH supply line, and a second LDH line to be connected as needed. This mode is great for table top scenarios. Can be combined with our "Quick SIMs" to provide Command and Control Training, Tactics, and Pump Training safely in a controlled environment.

Version Three New Features:


Pump Engage Trainer:
Simple pump engage trainer. Show trainees how to engage the pump safely before going out to your real apparatus.
Pump Panel Trainer:
Basic component overview. Explains Pump SIM operations.
Supply Trainer :
This guided scenario will teach trainees how to transfer from their booster tank to a LDH supply line..
Fire Scenario :
Charge a single attack line and then transition to a supply line. Use your relief valve to maintain pressure.
Multiple Lines :
Start from your booster as you would arriving at a fire. Transfer to a supply line and charge another attack line.
Dynamic Challenge With Radio Orders:
Charge a line off your booster tank, establish a supply line, and then follow the radio orders from command.
Free Pump Mode:
Design your own scenarios and train your driver's and future driver's. Single supply line available, and an aux. intake.
Hydraulics Challenges:
10 Questions to challenge trainees ability to work friction loss and GPM equations.
Hydraulics Calculator :
Simple hydraulics calculator for creating your own friction loss and GPM challenges.


Save your crews and trucks
Create your own custom scenarios to train your drivers.
Create elaborate pump evolutions without risking your resources
Pump engage trainer included in all Virtual Pump Panel SIMs

Pump component overview included in all SIMs

Every SIM begins from the Driver's Seat requiring user to engage the pump
Pump Panel includes full functioning guages and controls

Functioning air horn button on panel
Overuse of water will result in pump cavitation
Functioning relief valve included that the user must set

Disc Contents:
Pump Panel Simulator Scenarios, Trainers, Calculator Challenges, and Free Pump
FIF Incident Command SIM Preview
Fully Involved Group Tabletop Quick SIM Preview
LODD Recreation DVD Previews

System Requirements:
These programs are designed to run on Windows Sytems ONLY.
SIMs require Adobe Flashplayer installed.
SIMs do not require web access.
SIMs may be played directly off the CD for systems that have security preventing program installations.
SIMs are designed to be viewed on 1024 x 768 screen resolution.
Lower resolution settings will work, but SIM may not display correctly.

This program is not officialy endorsed by any agency ororganization. FIF has no affiliation with any other government agency.
Certificates included with the SIM material are an indication of completion only and do no carry any formal certification standard.


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