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Fully Involved Fire Quick SIMs

quick fire simulators are user controlled
Quick SIMs allow your training coordinator or officer to control the incident.
online firefighter training simulators for multi-company
Program controller can turn fire on and off. Control smoke conditions, and ensure scene conditions are appropriate to user command tactics.
structure fire command training
Quick SIMs are a great tool to prepare members for promotion opportunities.
online firefighter command training simulations
Fully Involved Fire Quick SIMs are another tool you can use to help replicate the stresses of being the IC, and sharpen your command and control skills.

Online firefighter training and fire command training simulators and more

Fully Involved Fire is used around the world in over a dozen countries. Our simulators have been used by fire service instructors, firefighters preparing for promotion, and even fire departments for assessment centers. The command and control elements create a challenging environment that prepares firefighters to become officer or chiefs. With the direct response after action reports the SIMs can be played multiple times to try to perform better based on lessons learned. These SIMs are the ideal tool to help bridge the prepare firefighters to ride "the seat."

Click HERE to view a list of all Quick SIMs™ available to FIF members

Multiplayer Fire Simulators designed to train around your tactics!
These Simple SIMs are designed for use in a group scenario.

These SIMs may be played with as few as three people,
or as many as you like.

FIF Quick Fire SIMs™
We recommend using these SIMs to train members using your command board, accountability system, and procedures. The SIMs may be setup in a classroom setting, or even run from a laptop out of the back of your actual command vehicle. Set-up a projector, or position a computer screen where the Incident Commander(IC) can see the screen. The (IC) will not interact with the computer. He/She simply views the screen as they command the incident. The IC declares they are ready and the training controller launches the SIM. All fire conditions and incident variables are managed by a single individual (training controller). These SIMs are great to practice radio communications, test new procedures, facilitate mutual aid training, or practice command skills in a group environment.

SIM Controls and Injects:
With the SIM controlled entirely by the training controller fire conditions can easily be increased or decreased in response to the IC Trainee's tactics. In addition, the training control can pause the incident to allow for group discussion or review. These SIMs can be enhanced with the addition of your own injects, based entirely around your department's practices and SOGs. Example injects can include

         Full RIT evolutions using your radios and procedures
         Unexpected fire extension or exposure issues
         A lost crew declaring a Mayday
         A crew suddenly encountering a victim
         Interior floor or roof collapse

Perhaps the best aspects of these SIMs is the ability to rapidly lauch training events with little prep required, and the extreme flexibility to vary the scenario. Combined with the integration of your own resources, radios, and command elements these are excellent learning tools for any group event!

Please contact us with any questions, comments, or ideas. Stay safe!

Battalion Chief (Ret.) Ryan Christen
Owner / FIF Chief of Development
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Online fire command training simulators and more

Fully Involved Fire - Professional Training for Fire Professionals


Fully Involved Fire, LLC is your top source for cutting edge online firefighter training. Our site features a collection of online incident command fire simulators, virtual pump panels for drivers, LODD 360 computer re-creations, and more. Active memberships provide full access to all training materials for one low fee (no hidden costs), and full access to everything as well as all future updates and new materials. Take your online firefighter training to a higher level with FIF!