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Fully Involved Fire - LODD 360™ Interactive Learning
LODD 360 online training provides unique perspectives of fatal events.
Structure / Scene CG 360 degree inicident views!
LODD firefighter training programs wal you through major events.
LODD 360™ high profile incident
re-creations allow you to see how these tragedies occur, and how you can help prevent them.

LODD 360 online firefighter training and simulations are a powerful learning tool.
From structural collapse to apparatus collisions our LODD 360s provide training for all levels of firefighters.
Owner prepairing for aerial video shoot
LODD 360s™ feature structural diagrams, cutaways, and other features to give you a complete understanding of contributing factors.
Owner prepairing for aerial video shoot
Advanced computer modeling allows us to show the fire inside void spaces.
Owner in turnout gear filming live fire burn
Contributing factors such as wind, structural elements, or even hoseline kinks are graphically represented to reinforce lessons.
Owner in turnout gear filming live fire burn
Animated computer modeling puts you inside the fire.

Online fire command training simulators and more

Online fire command training simulators and more - series one sims

LODD 360 - Fatal Incident Computer Re-Creations:

LODD investigative reports provide valuable inside into how fatal incidents occurred. Presenting a detailed report to a firefighters in a training capacity is not an easy task. However, we offer LODD 360s - a summary of the reports complete with structural 360s, detailed looks at contributing factors, comprehensive resources and of course our computer re-creations. see the incident unfold. Get unique perspectives through advanced computer graphics. Learn from what led to the fatal event by WATCHING a computer re-created video based on the final report!

While the incidents are painful we are obligated to discuss them, learn from them, and honor our fallen!


FIF LODD 360s™ are designed to present NIOSH LODD reports in a cutting edge online format. We use advanced computer graphics and 3D modeling to re-create the incident scene. Each LODD 360™ features advanced graphics that give you a 360-degree view of the incident location. By re-creating the scene through digital modeling our programs can show details and present angles and views in a unique and captivating manner. This engages students and firefighters through visual learning and embeds critical lessons and NIOSH recommendations in an unforgettable presentation.

In addition to providing critical incident details and perspectives we re-create the entire incident based on the NIOSH findings. Firefighters and trainees can watch the incident to see exactly how all of factors came together. Our computer graphics show the firefighters operating at the scene from the start of the incident up to the moment of tragedy.

NIOSH LODD reports are one of the most valuable tools firefighters have for learning. These reports present critical lessons that may save firefighters lives one day. For this reason, we have created our LODD programs. Each program, with supporting material provides 2-3 hours of training. These programs are ideal for individual use, or can be presented to a group for a team training session.

Our programs are designed out of respect and honor to those we have lost. We must pay tribute to the fallen by ensuring we take every step to learn from their ultimate sacrifice. We must re-enforce the criticality of the NIOSH recommendations and lessons learned. Use our LODD 360s™ to help ensure that we honor our fallen by learning from the tragedy and do everything we possibly can to prevent history from repeating itself!

FIF LODD 360s Feature:

         ■ 3-Dimensional Scene Incident Location Videos
         ■ Full versions of the NIOSH reports, state reports, and related documents
         ■ Related links and training materials
         ■ Full incident re-creation videos using computer animations
         ■ NIOSH final recommendations review segments
         ■ Completion certificates for training credit (varies per agency)
         ■ Program progress and training is automatically tracked and logged in your FIF records

Take your training to new levels. FIF offers advanced online firefighter training to meet modern fire service needs at prices any fire department can afford. Our LODD 360™ programs help you learn from the past to create a safer tomorrow!

Multiple programs with hours of training materials
online firefighter training simulators

Fully Involved Fire has multiple LODD 360™ online training programs with new programs in development. We offer these programs in several categories making this feature perfect for any training occasion.

Whether you need group training for your department, individual hours, or even material for mutual aid training events our LODD 360s™ provide a viable and effective training aid for any department.

Clear visual explanations of specific incident factors
online firefighter training simulators Understanding the events leading up to a firefighter line-of-duty death can be complicated. There may be dozens of contributing factors that collectively led to the tragic outcome.

With Fully Involved Fire LODD 360s each contributing factor is carefully presented and clearly explained through computer graphics and video. Firefighters will gain a more vivid and unforgettable understanding of LODD incidents.

LODD 360 completion Certificates
online firefighter training and certificate management

As part of the FIF Training System all online programs include a completion certificate. These certificates may be accepted by your department and/or state training requirements.

All LODD 360s™ include completion certificates. These training programs range from 2-3 hrs. in duration. Certificates may be printed or saved to document individual training hours.

FIF members can also access their membership training log to view all training program completions. This is part of our new LMS training management system designed to help smaller departments afford, manage, and track online training.

Share these programs with the firefighters in your department!
All of our LODD 360 programs are available in DVD format for group training events:

Visit the Fully Involved Fire Store to order this entire
training program on DVD!

For questions, comments, or suggestions regarding FIF's LODD 360s™ contact the program administrator:

Battalion Chief (Ret.) Ryan Christen
Owner / FIF Chief of Development
Email us

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Fully Involved Fire - Professional Training for Fire Professionals


Fully Involved Fire, LLC is your top source for cutting edge online firefighter training. Our site features a collection of online incident command fire simulators, virtual pump panels for drivers, LODD 360 computer re-creations, and more. Active memberships provide full access to all training materials for one low fee (no hidden costs), and full access to everything as well as all future updates and new materials. Take your online firefighter training to a higher level with FIF!