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Online fire training featured in Fire Rescue!

Better Training - Simulator Technology
firefighter driver operator training
Firefighter Driver

online firefighter apparatus training
Interactive Pump
SIM Feedback

Firefighter driver training virtual pump panels
Virtual Pump Panel
Driver Trainer

fire apparatus operator training
Start with the basics...

online fire hydraulics training
Pump theory and hydraulics training.

friction loss calculator online
Integrated pump calculator

firefighter driver training simulations
LDH, Drafting, and Tank Ops Simulations.

online fire pump simulators fire training
Fully functional
Virtual Pump Panel™

Virtual Pump Panel™ SIMs
Fully Involved Fire is used around the world in over a dozen countries. Our Virtual Pump Panels allow you to conduct pumping evolutions without exhausting your crews or resources. These also allow you to make costly mistakes without damaging apparatus. Save your crews and your trucks with our Pump Panel Simulators.

These SIMs are the ideal tool to help bridge the gap in preparing firefighters for advancement. Compared to custom SIMs costing upwards of $50,000 Fully Involved provides online firefighter training for less than $5 a month!

Virtual Pump Panels™
Online virtual fire pump simulators have been designed to bridge the gap between books and practical evolutions. Our SIMs are carefully designed in such a manner as to replicate actual pump operation in the real world. The buttons and controls on our SIMs are labled to associate the trainee with the actual phsyical task. Discharge handles have a "Pull" button to open. Throttle controls and intake valves have "turn" buttons to replicate actual operation. With enough practice on the Simulators, trainees subconsciously associate the SIM function to the real world action. In this capacity transitioning from the computer environment to the real-world is less daunting for trainees.

Pump Controls:
All of our fire training Virtual Pump Panels™ feature full panels. This includes all operating controls, valves, and controls. There is even an air horn button for 'charging' your virtual hydrant, and a light swith for illuminating the panel. We have done our best to accurately replicate fire pump operations in a sfae digital envrionment!

         Fire pump SIMs feature functioning discharge valves
         Fire pump SIMs feature functioning throttle controls and RPM guages
         Fire pump SIMs feature functioning tank level lights and warnings
         Fire pump SIMs feature functioning relief valves
         Fire pump SIMs feature functioning pump primers
         Fire pump SIMs include "free pump" mode for your own scenarios

Learn the fundamentals of fire pump operation, or help your driver trainees prepare for practical evolutions. Our Virtual Fire Pump Simulators™ provide the perfect opportunity to train safely without damaging your trucks, committing limited resources, or exhausting your crews!.

The Value of Simulator Training – from Harvard Business Publishing:

Prof. Luerhman: A simulation stimulates active engagement of students. They are playing a role, not just reading and analyzing. Simulations generate much more energy among students than traditional lectures or case discussions.

Prof. Ernst: With simulations, students can explore the impact of multiple decisions at the same time. Simulations also allow students to validate their common sense relative to a particular situation.

Prof. Roberto: Simulations provide one way to provide some variety in pedagogy. They also provide that rapid feedback on student decision-making which is so critical for their learning.

Prof. Casadesus-Masanell: It's fun for students. There's not much preparation on their side, and it breaks the routine of classes. A simulation allows students to be in their own skin and directly experiment with ideas. It's very different from a standard class.

How do students react to using simulations?

Prof. Austin: Students don't want to stop playing. They play very differently. Some crash ahead, make mistakes, run through a scenario many times quickly. Others move much more slowly, deliberately, thinking carefully, studying what happens.

Prof. Ernst: Students enjoy winning. A well designed simulation includes an element of competition that encourages them to strive and to impress their classmates while learning!

Prof. Casadesus-Masanell: When I first started using a sim, I did not imagine the energy it would bring to the class. I've taught with sims in MBA and Executive Education and with both, the level of discussion is different —people get much more emotionally involved and competitive—they get hooked and their understanding of the learning points increases.

What are you waiting for? Provide your firefighters with the training technology they need at a price every fire department can afford!

Battalion Chief (Ret) Ryan Christen
Owner / FIF Chief of Development
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Fully Involved Fire - Professional Training for Fire Professionals


FIF - Online fire training membership sign up


Online fire training featured in Fire Rescue!

Fully Involved Fire, LLC is your top source for cutting edge online firefighter training. Our site features a collection of online incident command fire simulators, virtual pump panels for drivers, LODD 360 computer re-creations, and more. Active memberships provide full access to all training materials for one low fee (no hidden costs), and full access to everything as well as all future updates and new materials. Take your training to a higher level. Join Fully Involved Fire today!